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Code 15, novel by Gary Birken, M.D.

Three weeks after completing her residency in pediatric cardiology, Dr. Jacey Flanigan moves from the Pacific Northwest to Manhattan to begin her career at the prestigious Children’s Heart Hospital. But after an unpleasant encounter with an arrogant heart surgeon on her first day, Jacey begins to realize that the medical profession is not what she expected. She learns that enigmatic physician behavior and questionable cardiac surgical practices are cloaked in secrecy—and she is expected to follow suit.

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Code 15, novel by Gary Birken, M.D.

Dr. Jack Wyatt is renowned for solving the unsolvable. When a colleague approaches him about a dangerous new malady affecting only certain patients at a prestigious children’s oncology hospital, he agrees to lend his expertise to help find a cure. In a race against time, he and the brilliant Dr. Madison Shaw, a physician who shares not only his expertise but also his secrets, embark on a desperate journey to stop the enigmatic disease before it spreads beyond the walls of Oster Children’s Hospital and becomes a national threat.

Code 15, novel by Gary Birken, M.D.

A mysterious illness with disturbing symptoms is plaguing pregnant women. With the nation on the brink of panic, two doctors must put their past aside to find a cure. But as the stakes get personal, can they uncover a treatment before it’s too late?

Dr. Jack Wyatt is done sulking. When he’s called to help his frantic best friend, whose newly-pregnant wife has been hospitalized, it’s the distraction he needs to finally get over his divorce. But the search for a cure forces him to work with the brilliant and beautiful Dr. Madison Shaw, with whom he has a rocky past.

Code 15, novel by Gary Birken, M.D.

As the Chief of Emergency Medicine at Dade Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Morgan Connolly faces death and suffering on a daily basis. So when two brothers in her care die suddenly as a result of rapidly advanced cases of meningitis, she is saddened but knows she has to let it go . . .

Not long after, Morgan’s own father is killed in what seems to be a random attack. Then, the number of patients dying due to seemingly preventable medical errors—also known as a Code 15—begins rising throughout the hospital, including the ER. And Morgan’s own superiors think she is losing her edge. But she suspects that someone is cutting a deadly path of vengeance through Dade Presbyterian—a path that may end with Morgan facing her own demise at the hands of a madman . . .

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