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Code 15, novel by Gary Birken, M.D.

Three weeks after completing her residency in pediatric cardiology, Dr. Jacey Flanigan moves from the Pacific Northwest to Manhattan to begin her career at the prestigious Children’s Heart Hospital. But after an unpleasant encounter with an arrogant heart surgeon on her first day, Jacey begins to realize that the medical profession is not what she expected. She learns that enigmatic physician behavior and questionable cardiac surgical practices are cloaked in secrecy—and she is expected to follow suit.

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Code 15, novel by Gary Birken, M.D.

Dr. Jack Wyatt is renowned for solving the unsolvable. When a colleague approaches him about a dangerous new malady affecting only certain patients at a prestigious children’s oncology hospital, he agrees to lend his expertise to help find a cure. In a race against time, he and the brilliant Dr. Madison Shaw, a physician who shares not only his expertise but also his secrets, embark on a desperate journey to stop the enigmatic disease before it spreads beyond the walls of Oster Children’s Hospital and becomes a national threat.

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