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Final Diagnosis

With her unborn baby suffering from a rare and potentially lethal disease, Claire Weaver has placed her fate in the world renowned, Fetal Institute. Located in Miami, Florida. The Institute specializes in the delicate and risky field of fetal surgery, and boasts a state-of-the art medical facility with a brilliant staff of physicians and doctors. Claire has every reason in the world to trust them….and every reason not to.

Her closest friend, Erin Wells, is a reporter for the AMA news. Erin comes to Miami to extol the expertise of the celebrated Fetal Institute and to lend support to Claire. But what she soon discovers only arouses suspicion. Meeting with fierce resistance at every level, Erin risks more than she ever feared by digging deeper than she ever imagined.

Now, the truth has brought her one step closer to an inescapable trap of an insidious conspiracy within the framework of deadly corruption.

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Final Diagnosis, novel by Gary Birken, M.D.

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