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Death is a fact of life at the Gillette Trauma Center, a prestigious Washington, D.C. hospital that gets more than its fair share of seriously injured patients. At some point doctors have all seen a recovering patient suddenly die from a pulmonary embolus- a fatal blood clot to the lungs that can form after surgery. But lately, it’s been happening with alarming frequency. Strangely, all of the patients were under the care of one physician—a certain Dr. Runyon. Journalist, David Airoway receives a mysterious tip and begins an investigation. The trail soon leads him to the Caduceus Project, a secrete society that will stop at nothing to achieve its goals.

After a serious injury, David, himself, becomes a patient at Gillette. The police are convinced he tried to kill himself, but his sister, a surgeon on staff at the hospital, rejects the possibility. She soon learns that David’s inquiries have made him some very powerful enemies. It’s now up to her to expose the conspiracy before those that would benefit from David’s death succeed in their immoral and depraved mission.

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Embolus, novel by Gary Birken, M.D.

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