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Malice by Design

Dr. Jack Wyatt is renowned for solving the unsolvable. When a colleague approaches him about a dangerous new malady affecting only Leukemia patients at a prestigious oncology hospital, the mysterious case is too intriguing to pass up. So he and the brilliant Dr. Madison Shaw, a physician who shares not only his expertise but also his secrets, embark in a race against time to save the children as cases mount.

Within the hospital walls, they confront a labyrinth of medical conundrums, hostile colleagues guarding their territory, and a web of political intrigue. Their only clue: the cryptic journals of a brilliant scientist haunted by an atrocious past. But as they inch closer to a breakthrough, they must navigate a treacherous path where betrayal, sacrifice, and justice blur the line between right and wrong.

Their pulse-pounding race for a cure will confront the ultimate question: can medical progress justify using research born of evil for the greater good?

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Code 15, novel by Gary Birken, M.D.

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